Our Lord has supplied this aircraft, please help with providing expenses to Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone.
Pilots for Christ Michigan Chapter Flight Fund
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Pilots for Christ Michigan Chapter
890  22 Mile Rd
Sand Lake, MI 49343

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Our Programs include the following:

1.  Pilot Flight Missions Program

2.  Auto Pilots Program (Private automobiles)

3.  Young Angels Program (Flights for 8-18 Yrs Free)

4.  Membership Support Program

5.  Start a Chapter Program

All these programs require fuel to complete and your help is necessary as we continue to provide obediance to God's word and assist those less fortunate than us.

Please help as God moves your heart.

Your faithfulness to Christ and your giving will help us continue to assist the needy with medical transportation, reuniting families and assisting pastors and missionaries.  God Bless for all you can do!
Making Financial Donations
You can use the button above or simply call us at 616-884-6241.  All donations are tax deductible and we will mail you a receipt immediately upon receiving your donation.