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Mission from Baytown, TX to Lansing, MI

God is truly great as He guided us every step while bringing back a terminally ill individual from the Houston, Tx area to Lansing, MI.  From morning darkness to evening darkness we worked and transported this patient back to Michigan, as part of God's plan.  Here is a brief recount of that mission.

We departed Fremont, MI, for the Houston, Tx area, and we were scheduled to return back to Michigan, but the weather was too severe in Michigan so we had to delay.  This time allowed us to visit the patient and make arrangements with the medical staff to keep the patient more comfortable and add some resources.  It also helped us prepare snacks, drinks and food for the return flight.

It didn't look like we were ever going to get back to Michigan, as the forcasted weather at David Wayne Hooks field, Spring, Tx for Wednesday morning was 1/4 mile visibility and 100' ceilings, in Michigan it was 1500' ceilings and snow, with low visibility.  As we went to sleep on Tuesday night, we faced a grim reality that we may not get back.  We prayed and Our Lord parted the sky for our entire trip!  Weather in Houston on departure was 10 mile visibility and 3,000' ceilings. In fact you can see clear sky in the photos off to the East.  When we made the turn to cut through Missouri he moved the ice storm Southeast as we could see the storm clouds off to our right (South) as we flew from the Northwest corner of Arkansas to St. Louis for fuel, then as we entered Michigan it was 10 mile visibilty and 3,000' ceilings for a perfect landing at Lansing.  You can also see the clear to partly cloudy skies in Lansing looking West.  In fact it wasn't until we approached our home airport, Fremont, MI at 8PM, that it started to snow.  We made a great landing, parked, unloaded and began to drive away when the snow really began to fall.   Looking back we had no reason to fear weather, the patient's condition or anything, as Our Lord had already put everything in His control.  Lori and I witnessed to the patient and we were able to share with Him our love for Jesus.  Most important of all, we witnessed God's miracles as He controlled the weather, circumstances and resources.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Thank You Lord Jesus for the Perfect Flight and our ability to help someone in great need and return him to his family, here in Michigan!


Lori & Tim Layne

Tania being placed on board Alabama's 115PC, Praise God!

Nick "Catching his Dream" with Dad and Uncle

Transporting patients are a primary concern for us, please call us to see if we can assist.  (616) 636-5523
Whether flying needy individuals or transporting them by ground, Pilots for Christ, Michigan Chapter remains dedicated to serving those in need.  Call us if you need transportation for medical reasons, terminally ill patients need to be reunited with family, if you are a pastor or missionary needing transportation.  (616) 884-6241