Our Lord has provided this aircraft to Spread His Gospel throughout the United States.  Guests are welcome to apply for travel with us as we spread the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ to everyone we can.
Pilots for Christ Michigan Chapter
Call or write us today 616-450-4676, or write us at  (  please help us raise the funds to help others.  All of our transportation is free to others, we never charge!!

Want to send a check:

Pilots for Christ Michigan Chapter
890 22 Mile Rd
Sand Lake, MI 49343

We are a Non-Profit 501c 3 Organization, Pilots for Christ gives HOPE to those without. We provide FREE flights, ground transportation and prayer for each of our  patient's, and passenger's.

Since 2005 we have received thousands of calls and requests for urgent transportation, many are non-ambulatory and need to lie down.


We PROVIDE when others cannot. Short notice, long distance. We are here for them! Medical, Hospice, Pastors, Missionaries (within the US)


Disease and health issues do not take time off.  Compassion and love are needed. We show that love with FREE air transportation!


It possible only with the help of people moved with compassion to assist those who cannot help themselves.  With the new aircraft we can virtually transport anyone to distant locations, like; Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  We also must never forget the rural areas that NEED our services to arrive at cancer treatment centers, and advanced medical facilities, as mentioned above. This can only happen through you!  Cost, maintenance and operating expenses we leave up to you. Operating the aircraft, praying with everyone, sharing Christ's Gospel we take full responsibility.

We are fully functional domestic missionaries and promise to serve Christ, until He takes us home.


Thank you and God Bless