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Pilots for Christ Michigan
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Compassion, Hospice, Young Angels, Pastors, Missionaries, Chaplains, Mission Trips
We do not post every mission and we endeavor to capture the intent and message of Our Lord's mercy and compassion on all who need His Love and Caring.  Please contact us with any of your urgent travel needs.  
If you would like to share your love of Christ with others, please consider joining today!
Membership is not necessary for salvation, and we do have administrative expenses that we use the membership dues to keep our organization operating.

The gift of flight can help many and we rely on volunteers to provide aircraft and pilots to help others, regarding the above mentioned purposes.

We are a 501c3 organization and your donations and volunteer work can be deducted from your federal income tax.

Please go to Our Lord in prayer and if this is where God is directing you, please contact us and we can provide you with much insight and information.

If you need our help please request a flight today.

Above all, we serve Jesus Christ by providing our God given gifts to help others in the midst of their storm.
Helping Lisa to Cleveland Clinic, Praise Our Lord!!
Cindy Home from Texas needing Family and Jesus
14 hr flight to bring Cindy back to family, as she suffers from a broken hip and terminal Cancer.  Our Lord just keeps giving
Volunteers in Texas helping Cindy to get loaded and return to Michigan through Pilots for Christ Michigan
Prayer before Flight a must
In flight with Ruth and family, pilots Herb and Tony
Auto Pilot Mission getting Doug home, from Hospital, Salvation Message and Bible, No one else would help
Helping those in trouble get help
Getting some Medical help far away
Missionary from Africa from West Michigan to Findlay, OH
Short Term Mission Trips to the Bahamas, March of 2020
In an effort to rebuild areas of the Bahamas devastated by Hurricanes, since 2017, we are setting up and transporting volunteer groups to Ragged Island, Long Island and Freeport, Bahamas, during the Month of March, 2020.  Teams are in need of Gospel Sharing enthusiasts, buliders, roofers, dry wall and general cleaning.  The trips are averaging 3-4 days, and we will be departing from Sebring, FL International Airport. Commercial airports nearby, Punta Gorda, FL, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, Sarasota, FL.  Transporation to and from Ragged Island, Long Island, Freeport, Bahamas is free and we will work to find each group suitable accommodations during their stay.  Please donate, volunteer to help and especially pray for God to move individuals to help in this very worthy cause.  God's Blessing on you all.  Tim Layne, President of Pilots for Christ Michigan.
Lori working at Tabernacle Baptist Freeport, BHS devasted by Hurricane Dorian, Sept 2019
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Pilots for Christ Michigan
2018  FREE Air Transportation IN MICHIGAN SINCE 2005
FREE Michigan Medical, Hospice Air Travel
God has graciously provided the funds for this aircraft and we now fly often to spread His word to airports around the United States.
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Pilots for Christ Michigan Chapter
7746 W. 60th St.
Fremont, MI 49412

Compassion Flights Michigan, Young Angels, Pastors, Missionaries. Disaster Relief

Helping those in need, Knoxville to Flint
Henry Williams Navy Vet
Henry W. Flight departing the Sparta, MI airport, on a compassion flight, for Oxford, MS
Marie & Tom compassion flight to Florida to live with daughter
Lori Co-Pilot  
Tom is a US Army Veteran, P-51 Pilot./ WWII, he and Marie married for 68 years.

Chris and Mom, St. Judes, Michigan & Arkansas 
Denny W. (Pilot), Will, Ann M., Jim S. Return flight  
Brycen, Mom (Terri), Tim, Lori, Grandma (Tina) get ready to depart Fremont for Detroit
Brycen's First Airplane Flight on way to Detroit Children's Hospital
Michigan State Capitol
National Day of Prayer
Prayer Flight
"All 50 States"
The Lord greatly blessed us at the Sun-N-Fun Fly-in, as we acquired over (50) referrals and interest in starting (2) new chapters.  He also protected us during the tornado that hit the Sun-N-Fun area ,please see pics on events page.
Compassion help for Jacobie S. returning to MS, standing with Lori Layne, God Bless!

Pilots for Christ, Michigan is a chapter of Pilots for Christ, International and is a non-denominational organization, dedicated to assisting individuals in need with Free compassion Air Transportation or compassion ground services, for any worthwhile need.  You may also call us for any valid charity transportation request, as we will assess every call.

Please look under our Donate page for NEW Services!

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Pilots for Christ Michigan Chapter

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Flying Christopher 
Jim S. Helping Ann M. get to appointment

Rev. M.D. helping daughter from Alabama aircraft with free air transportion back home.

Tim (MI) Tommy Lee (AL) place Tania on Alabama's Chapter aircraft .

Accident Victim Home from Wisconsin
Leonard T. helped get out of rescue mission to truck driving school by greyhound bus Muskegon, MI to Ft. Wayne, IN



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This website is dedicated to Our Lord Jesus Christ and all mercy flights, compassion flights and Christian pilots who serve, are to honor and glorify his calling of us to serve him.  We are "Our Lords Airforce" .  Please visit