Pilots for Christ Michigan Chapter

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Pilots for Christ Michigan
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Pilots for Christ Michigan
7746 W. 60th St.
Fremont, MI 49412

Sun N Fun Air Fly-in Lakeland, FL
Michigan Chapter members will be involved with Sun N Fun. Check back for info for 2021!

PCI Michigan involved in Young Eagles Oct. 1 (8D4)
AirVenture at Oshkosh 
Tim, Lori, Joe, Jeff, Paul, Neal
Paul, Jeff, Neal Minnesota Chapter sponsored Booth
Sun-N-Fun Fly-in, Pilots for Christ, International Booth, SW 12
Tornado that hit March 31, 2011 around 12 Noon
By God's grace we were spared

Auto Pilot Mission  Fremont, MI 

PCI Michigan picked up James R. from the Fremont Hospital and transported him to the Muskegon rescue mission.  James had suffered severe frostbite on his feet and was living in an unheated shed.  Praise God for him allowing us the resources to glorify His Name, by helping this man.

National Convention Cincinnati

Dick, and Florida member along with Lori Layne (Michigan, at Booth during Sun N Fun Aviation Fly-In, Lakeland, Florida)

We will again have a Pilots for Christ, International Booth at SW-12, Sun-N-Fun, Lakeland, FL

National Day of Prayer  
Please join us from the Fremont, MI, around 10:30AM for a flight over Michigan's Capitol Bldg, every First Thursday in May,  as we pray for Michigan, its leaders and residents.
Theodora N. Flight reimbursement Michigan to Texas.  God Bless!

Great Lakes Aviation Conference, Ypsilanti, MI 

Pilots for Christ Michigan was there!

We had a successful Prayer Flight event, on the National Day of Prayer.  We over flew the Michigan State Capital, in Lansing  and prayed for Our State and all the citizens, there and  back.  May God Bless our efforts!

August 1

From: Member Nancy Waselowich

After visiting the veterans cemetary in Holly, as I was driving home, 
I saw the sign for Pontiac airport and felt a strong "impression" that I should stop but I had no idea of the purpose.  I followed the leading
(as I stopped for lunch I was surprised the kid waiting on me knew 
directions to the airport mentioning that his father owns a plane)  so upon approaching the airport in prayer as I pulled in the parking lot
an EMS vehicle pulled in exactly at the same time.  On our way into 
the building, I found out they were picking up a lady who was transported from Florida due to emergency health situation.  The company (transport medical patients)----it is not a charity.
boss was there and I mentioned I was a member of Pilots for Christ and I would like to pray for this
lady.  They were more than happy and I was amazed of the way the Lord led me there at the "right" time to pray for her.  5 minutes later would have been too late.  Then the Lord provided the witness
as I prayed outloud for the safety of the plane taking off to return 
to North Carolina.  He had a nice smile on his face.


National Day of Prayer, overflight of Michigan's capital building, at 12 Noon.