We are here to serve you through Our love for Jesus Christ.  Contact us today if you have need of urgent air travel
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You can request a free charity flight or charity ground transportation assistance by calling (616) 884-6241 or writing to us at

Our Auto-Pilots program is dedicated to assisting others in need of travel from Hospitals, or other urgent medical needs.  Just call us! or enter the information below!


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Tania being placed on board Alabama's 115PC, Praise God!

Nick "Catching his Dream" with Dad and Uncle

Transporting patients are a primary concern for us, please call us to see if we can assist.  (616) 884-6241
Whether flying needy individuals or transporting them by ground, Pilots for Christ, Michigan Chapter remains dedicated to serving those in need.  Call us if you need transportation for medical reasons, terminally ill patients need to be reunited with family, if you are a pastor or missionary needing transportation.  (616) 884-6241