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We are in constant prayer asking Our Lord to prepare a date free of COVID-19 that we can continue to hold Aviation Boot Camp in July of 2021. we will issue further information as it becomes available for parents and staff.
Aviation Boot Camp Director
7746 W 60th St
Fremont MI 49412
Camper Registration

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Aviation Boot Camp for 2021 is July 12-July 16, 2021

Aviation Boot Camp is for youth ages 8-18, that want to learn about Jesus and aviation!  This 5 day program brings together Christian principles and aviation instruction.  Youth will learn and log flight time, attend a real ground school as well many opportunities in science, Bible Study and games.  Morning and afternoon snack provided as well lunch daily.  $100 per child and scholarships are available.

Registration: VOLUNTEERS ONLY(Check back later, looking for volunteers)
(Need Pilots, counselors, helpers) please go to:

Pilots for Christ Michigan